Social Media Marketing

Be Part of Your Customers’ Conversation
Be Social.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media is one of today’s most powerful ways to reach people. Businesses have it in their best interest to utilize this technology to engage better with customers. Through this medium, you can gather valuable insights about your customers via data collection.

More and more people have been embracing social media as their platform to channel their emotions, opinions and many more. Social media gives you countless of opportunity to connect with your potential customers.

Dasho Digital understands that there is a need for a different approach when you are marketing using social media. We can help you socialise and nurture your network through social media platforms. You can count on us to study your market and create a strategy that will suit your business needs.

Step 1:
Defining Your Business

Social Media Platforms are great channels to communicate with your audience. Dasho Digital will take the time to get to know your business to ensure that we produce marketing materials that are in line with your goals and vision.

Step 2:
Marketing Strategy Creation

Dasho Digital believes in the power of planning ahead. Once we have defined your business, we will create a marketing strategy plan that will give us your desired outcome.

Step 3:
Setting the Tone

Now that we have a plan, it is time to set the tone of the materials to be produced by our skilled social media marketers. Dasho Digital aims to deliver social media posts that reflect your business clearly.

Step 4:
Post Sampling

Dasho Digital will provide you with sample posts so that you can decide which style you would prefer for your brand. This allows you to be able to see your visions come to life.

Step 5:
Production and Scheduling

Once we have your approval, Dasho Digital will produce posts that are in your chosen style. Then, we will schedule them for posting, so that they will be automatically posted for you– hassle-free!

Not sure if Social Media Marketing is what your business needs?

Not all business are the same. Some don’t gain anything from Social Media Marketing, while for some, it is the key to a goldmine.
Want to know how your business can benefit from Social Media Marketing, we can tell you!