Rank on Google in just Three Months
Your business needs game-changing SEO and you know it.

What is SEO (search engine optimisation)?

Search Engine Optimisation is more than just ranking in Google, it also involves turning traffic into revenue by creating content, analysing data, and optimising your website. What are all these things though? Get your FREE SEO Audit and have one of our strategists talk you through it.

Dasho Digital aims to take you to the top. We consider that your success is our success too.

It is our goal to help your website reach the first page of search engines. It is easier for your target market to know more about your products and services once you are on top of the search results.

Our skilled SEO experts can help you achieve higher rankings and establish a better online presence against all odds. We can help you improve both your organic search and local search ranking.

Step 1: Defining Your Business

First things first, we need to have a marketing overview for your company. Dasho Digital will take its time to get to know your brand details, target market, and services/products.

Step 2: On-site SEO Audit and Fix

You do not have to start entirely from scratch when it comes to SEO. Dasho Digital will audit your On-site SEO and determine what needs fixing. We will plan and execute the necessary improvements.

Step 3: Off-page SEO Campaign

Once your On-site SEO is improved, it is time to plan and start link-building campaigns in line with your business. Dasho Digital also gives you an option for blogging to further boost SEO performance.

Step 4: Blogs, Infographics and Link-building

Once we have created a plan, it is time to execute. Our team of professionals will start creating the materials for boosting your SEO performance.

Step 5: Reporting

Dasho Digital wants you to be able to understand what is going on with your page. One of our SEO specialists will create a detailed breakdown and tailor-made analysis of your site’s SEO performance which will be sent to you every month.

Growth Starts with strategy.
When it comes to strategy, we never get beat.

Speak with our SEO strategist about your business and get more advice than you know what to do with.
Take your first step towards mountains of traffic and revenue by booking the meeting of your life now.

*The 3-month guarantee starts after you give us access to your website and permission to do our job. Guarantee is void if our work is hindered by your company