Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Your hot ticket to the biggest sale of your career.

What is PPC?

PPC or pay per click marketing is the fastest way to reach the right leads and convert sales. Which means a lot of revenue for you! But the competition is tough and PPC is more than just writing ads and targeting keywords.

With the right Google ads campaign set up, growing your business would be a breeze. You can sit back, relax and watch as your leads come in.

Dasho Digital works with dedicated Google Ads Campaign experts that can help you create and manage an effective campaign that delivers results.

We work smart so that you can get maximum results without going beyond your budget. Our experts will work closely with you in creating improvements to your business campaign

Google AdWords for Advertising

Advertising your business with Google AdWords can help you boost your business significantly if it is done right. Dasho Digital can help you create a strategic Adwords campaign.

Utilise Google Display Network

If you do not want your advertisements to be too in-your-face, Dasho Digital can help you make use of Google Display Network. It will feature your ads on successful websites, videos and applications.

Maximise Google Shopping

Show off your products through Google Shopping! Dasho Digital can help you set your products up in image-rich ads that would pop up on search results pages.

Google Remarketing and Management

There are times when your customer feels indecisive or unsure of their purchase. Google Remarketing sends a subtle message to users who have visited your site to entices them to come back.

Do you think your PPC campaign is the best as it can be?

If you set up your own Google Ads campaign, good on you friend!
However, maybe you’d want to know if your PPC campaign can be even better and get your more leads? Book a meeting with us to find out!