Graphic Design Services

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What is Graphic Design?

Great graphic design is what separates the sheep from the wolves. A company with a compelling and emotion-invoking website gains an automatic edge, while a business with great and memorable branding wins at the end of the day. Does your brand need a make over?

Technology has taken over the world. It has also dominated the business industry. Now, every business must have a website for their brand to perform better. This is because people rely on the internet to know whether a product or service is worth investing in.

However, having a website is not the end of it. Your page should be attractive and it needs to be functional. Dasho Digital has a professional team of creative web designers that will ensure that your page is beautifully designed and that it will leave a great first impression on your target market.

Step 1:
Defining Your Branding and Content

Dasho Digital wants to have a smooth-sailing design process for you. This is why we will discuss and define your branding, identify your company logo, fonts and colours, and establish a style guide.

Step 2:
Design Creation

Once we have a style guide to work with, our expert designers will begin the creation of your graphics and website draft. The style guide will minimise the need for revisions and maximise productivity.

Step 3:
Design Prototyping

Our designers will create a prototype website so that you can experience your page in the flesh. The prototype enables you to see what your web design would look like when it goes live.

Step 4:
Finishing Touches and Packaging

In the final phase of the Web Design process, our expert designers will finalise your page and prepare the design, font, and assets so it would be ready to be handed over to your chosen developer.

Pursuing a website revamp or branding style guide upgrade is hard.

Dasho Digital knows how to revamp a company’s aesthetics without impacting business performance so there is nothing to worry about. Want to know how we plan to improve your business through graphic design? Then it might be time for a digital growth strategy session.