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SEO Sydney: 7 Powerful SEO Strategies That Ensure Victory This 2018

It seems only yesterday when digital marketing was introduced and the tactics were not as advanced as it is today. Over the years, a lot of changes has occurred and made a great impact on how SEO works, especially the ever-changing algorithm of Google. What used to work before is no longer applicable today as Google and other search engines improve their functionality and design. Despite these changes, one thing’s for sure – SEO is still the most powerful marketing approach. With the latest trends and increasing competitors in the market, the last thing you could expect is for the process to be quick and easy. News flash – it won’t. To help you win this game, SEO Sydney shares these seven powerful SEO strategies that ensure victory this 2018.

Improve Site’s Loading Speed

One of the most important things that you should focus on is improving your site’s loading page. Remember, the loading speed of your site affects the dwell time and people have a short attention span – so, you might want to consider that. According to Google, users expect a site to load in 2 seconds or less which means any second your site delays to load, you are most likely to lose potential customers. Improving your site’s loading time can be achieved through image compression, code clean-up, minimizing redirects, and limiting the use of flash.

Pay Attention To Google’s Mobile-first Index

The world moves fast, so does mobile advancements. As the percentage of mobile usage rapidly increases, mobile-friendly websites are in demand. Google has taken a huge step towards the mobile-first index which means that it would rank mobile versions of content. Given this, in order to accomplish online visibility, increased web traffic and better page rankings, it’s time that you pay attention to Google’s mobile-first index. To do so, SEO Sydney suggests focussing on creating a responsive design for your website while taking into consideration the loading speed. Additionally, you have to create consistent and relevant content for mobile and desktop users while promoting user experience. 


The HTTPS protocol is mandatory nowadays. So, if you haven’t made the move yet, better do it now. According to Google’s update, as of July 2018, sites that utilize HTTP protocols will be marked “not secure”. Plus, sites that use HTTPS protocol receive a better ranking. Having said this, in pursuit of online visibility and success, now is the perfect time to invest in this change. It may cost you, but it’s an investment which will bring positive returns.

Acknowledge and Implement RankBrain

RankBrain is Google’s machine-learning algorithm that helps it process search queries. Put simply, it is the mastermind behind the evaluation of your site’s content which determines whether it matches the keywords. It doesn’t simply focus on the title but the overall relevance of the content to the search terms. It compares your content to the content of other sites and provides users with better search results. This algorithm allows Google to rank websites based on relevance. Put simply, creating a high-quality that’s optimized for your keyword is imperative.

Build High-Value Backlinks

Building a huge volume of links is a long-ignored approach – it doesn’t work anymore. To achieve better rankings as well as increased visibility and higher rankings, you must build editorial links. These links are of high-value which receives more attention from Google. Editorial links can be achieved by creating amazing, relatable and shareable content according to SEO Sydney. These types of content are most likely to be used by other websites as a reference and shared by other writers, thus, getting you more backlinks.

Whitehat Links

Whitehat links are the best techniques for long-term and efficient investment. It abides with Google’s policy and includes natural links that make sense, provide value, and are ethical is part of a sustainable search strategy. Keywords and keyword analysis, backlinking, link building to improve link popularity, and creating high-quality content are the main elements of an effective Whitehat SEO strategy. Using whitehat links prevent any penalties from Google and improve your traffic through ethical and organic optimization. You could never go wrong with this technique and it won’t dig a hole in your pocket.

Aim For Longer Dwell Time

Did you know that the number of time users spends on your website affects your rankings? Yes, you read that right. Hence, it’s important that you optimize your site for customer experience and gain their attention. SEO Sydney recommends every marketer or business to create high-quality and relevant content that’s unique and matches your keyword and meta description. Aim for compelling content and offer customer experience through structured data, easy navigation, responsive design, etc.  

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