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SEO Services in Sydney to Improve Your Local Search Visibility

Search Engine Optimisation is the most efficient way to establish the visibility of your business on the internet. If you are in a busy country like Australia, then SEO Services in Sydney is one of your key to successfully reaching your target audience.

This is why you should not miss out on the chance of making a buzz on the internet. Most of your target audience is probably on a couple of social media platform and/or dependent on their smartphone when it comes to looking for relevant products and services.

The Definition of a Local Search

There are different kinds of searches, one is the standard informational search and the other one is the local search. So how do these two searches differ?

Local searches are the searches that have more purchase intent behind it. For example, an informational search may sound something like “How to fix a broken laptop?”, this kind of question may be satisfied by any good website with authority or good website optimisation. However, once the search phrase turns into “best laptop repair centre” or “laptop repair near me”.

Local searches are basically questions that include a location. Google or other search engines would understand that the user would like to see a list of business suggestions or a list based on their location. Meaning that the user has the intention to purchase a product or service near them.

Explaining Local SERPs

Improving traffic to your business website would need to be visible on what is known as the “local pack”. The local pack is the block of three business listings that would show up under the map in the displayed results right after a Google search with local intent.

Do you want that local pack? Then you need to get acquainted with Google My Business since everything that you see displayed in the local pack comes from a GMB profile. GMB profiles have become a critical part of local optimisation since Google has been trying to satisfy more search questions directly in the SERPs.

What is Google My Business?

GMB or Google My Business was previously known as Google Local or Google+ Local. GMB is basically your business profile on Google.

The GMB feeds your information to a variety of places such as the local pack and the search results in Google Maps. Your profile will contain the information that you have added in yourself like service offers, contact details, business description, category, and opening times.

Although there is a portion wherein you get to add in your information, the GMB attributes, GMB Q&As and Google Reviews are all up to your consumers. These are meant to give users an idea of what experience they should expect from your business.

If you want a higher chance of appearing in the local pack, then you need to make sure that your GMB profile is as up to date as possible. This is to ensure that your company would look trustworthy, attractive and appealing enough for the users to want to click your details. GMB may be extremely powerful but it is just a form of a citation.

A big part of local SEO is making your GMB profile as up-to-date and accurate as possible so that it has a higher chance of appearing in the local pack, and trustworthy, attractive and appealing enough to warrant a clickthrough. Although it’s incredibly powerful, Google My Business is just one example of a citation.

What are citations?

The next question that may come to mind is “what is a citation?”— a citation is any place on the internet where the important details of your business appear. These important details include your Business Name, Address, Phone number and Website URL. This information would normally appear in an online directory or business listings website.

These pieces of information are important to get in place for a local SEO. If your business does not appear online when they try and look for places like yours, then your competition would get your potential clients.

Two Types of Citation:

  1. Structured- this type of citation normally appear in business listings. They can also come from form fields being filled in when the listing is being claimed.
  2. Unstructured- this type of citation is a result of the press and social media wherein your vital information is shared and made visible online. It can be through a local news piece about local businesses in your area or it could be a viral post on social media platforms. As the name suggests, this kind of citation is not in a structured format.

Why are citations important?

If successfully establishing an online presence is a game, then citations are table stakes, if you do not have any, you cannot play. Good optimisation efforts take time and getting cited by a trusted website is one of your quick tokens to being noticed by your target market.

A citation is one of the key elements that you need to get right in the first place. You need to be able to build citations in relevant websites. However, you should be careful as being associated with an inactive website may cause serious consequences.

How do you rank well in local search?

Now that we have the basics down, let us get to what you came here for. How do you rank well in a local search? How do you find success in optimising your website? Would SEO Services play a part in boosting your business in a busy town like Sydney?

Let us discuss the three core elements of local search ranking to get you started:

  • Proximity- This is all about your distance from the searcher. How far or close is your business from the searcher?
  • Relevance: This is about the relevance of your service or product to the searcher. Do your products and/or services satisfy the needs of the user?
  • Prominence: This about your reputation. What do other consumers say about your business? Did they like your products and/or services? How are their experiences with you?

The Main SEO Services in Sydney to Focus On

Website optimisation requires a lot of time an effort to work on. The same goes for Local SEO. It constantly changes and it may take more than just a couple of trial and error. This is why some of the best SEO companies in Sydney or other parts of the world would much rather specialise in local SEO than the broader variation.

These two kinds of Search Engine Optimisation differ from one another as they both have different goals. The broader optimisation focuses on getting more site traffic while the local optimisation would much rather have more direct contact and foot traffic instead of just website visits.

Key Search Engine Optimisation Services

Here is an overview of local SEO services that can make a difference in your business performance:

Website Localisation

As the name suggests, localising your website requires you to include your city, county and/or region throughout your website. If your business has branches in several locations, you can improve your local search visibility by creating separate pages or Content Hubs for individual branches.

One good strategy is to try and get involved with local community events and feature articles and information about the events on your website.

Citation Building

As mentioned previously, you need to get relevant and active websites and business directories to cite you as a reference or as a local business to help your customers find your company. Having your Business Name, Address, Phone Number and Website URL on citation sites will help you improve your search rankings.

Claiming your Google My Business listing

The power of Google My Business has been explained above. By now, you should understand that claiming Google My Business page is a key step in helping your business display on important Google services, like local search results and Google Maps.

You should make sure that the first online directory that you take ownership of is your GMB profile.

Managing reviews and ratings

Nowadays, people turn to the internet to make sure that the product or service that they are planning to avail are high-quality and are worth their money. Consumers would often look for ratings and reviews online to make sure that the company or business that they are eyeing are efficient, effective and reliable.

If your business has genuine and honest reviews, then it will be a good signal to search engines that your site, products, and services can be trusted and are useful and relevant to users.

Getting relevant backlinks

One of the cores of local SEO is prominence. Obtaining backlinks from trusted websites help search engines know that your side can also be trusted. This is because if an authority website trusts you as a source of information, then your content must be accurate and relevant. Getting links from your local newspapers, bloggers and business associations, as well as citations, can all help improve your search visibility.

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