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SEO Tricks That Define 2019

Every digital marketer’s dream is to get more traffic from Google. It’s a fact that you know to be true. SEO is the way to make this dream a reality, but with all the content uploaded by millions of websites every day, how can you stand out? How can you be a step above the rest when everyone is doing the exact same thing in their SEO strategy? How can you be different when the competition is using the same keywords, targeting the same market, in the same area? 

The key is knowledge. Arm yourself with the latest SEO TRENDS and secrets that are effective in 2019 and you will see results. One mistake digital marketers make is sticking to the same strategy for a little too long. If you keep an eye out every day for new trends that are proving to be effective, you will be a couple of steps ahead from the competition who, most likely, haven’t caught up with what’s new. 

Here are a few great SEO Trends that many digital marketers have yet to discover. Be the first of many to implement these strategies and improve your bottom line. 

Create Shareable Content and Optimise It

You might be wondering day and night Why No One Is Sharing Your Content in spite of your rigorous efforts to post something every day. That’s just the thing, my friend. You can’t just post “something,” your posts should be beyond that. It has to provide value and entertainment, only then will it be deemed as shareable content. 

The sad truth is that a whole lot of content posted online isn’t shareable and without these shares, ranking in search engines quickly drifts out of reach. Aside from creating shareable content, you also have to optimise it to improve its reach and engagement opportunities. 

Feel free to adapt some of these content optimisation techniques featured below:

Secrets to Finding Great Keywords

Using the same keywords as your competitors are still a viable way to get the traction you want. But there are other ways to find keywords that your competitors have no clue about! – and that is where you gain an edge. 


Reddit is a forum-style community where people talk about basically anything that can be discussed under the sun. The first thing you need to do to find effective keywords in Reddit is to find out which subreddit your target audience lingers in. When you do, you will be privy to the questions they ask and how they ask it. Try to find a trend, something mentioned or asked time and time again throughout the trend, and that my friend, will be the keyword you want to use. 


Let’s face it. Your competitors won’t be called your competitors if they don’t know what they are doing. Instead of feeling discouraged to climb Google’s ranking ladder, do the clever things and adapt the right things they do or do it even better. 

What you want to do is navigate to your competitor’s website, given that it is already ranking well in Google and copy-paste its URL to SEO TOOLS like SEMRush. You will be pleased with a list of keywords that are working effectively for them and this is your queue to start collecting the ones that relate to your business. Build shareable content for these keywords and you are most likely to be pleased with the results. 

Be smart about this though. Some of these keywords are extremely competitive and you might have a snowball’s chance in hell to rank for it. While some of these keywords aren’t relatable to your audience, thus ineffective. 


Another neat SEO TECHNIQUE is to use Wikipedia to find topics and keywords that your competition most likely have no clue about. Sure, Keyword planner SEO TOOLS is always a first choice when it comes to analysing keyword volume, CPC, etc. However, try to keep in mind that you are trying to reach people. This is exactly why you have to utilise the thousand human-made articles on Wikipedia. 

More often than not, Wikipedia articles contain links and terms that are often used by the average Joe. This is why these words or phrases have a high likelihood of being used as search queries in Google. Scan the site’s internal links, the “see also” section, and the information on the sidebars for great keyword candidates! 

Create your own!

Using Wikipedia as a keyword source is a smart idea because you are tapping into how a human mind searches for information. Following this logic, you might want to consider your own human mind and how it gathers information online. Yes, that is right. Making up your own keywords is also a clever SEO TECHNIQUE that proves effective in 2019. 

Chances are, you will be the only brand-building content around your original keywords and if you are smart your choices, you will see results. 

Tips for Effective Meta Title and Description Tags

There’s a reason why we invest so much time creating witty and relatable, keyword-optimized meta title and description tags in our SEO STRATEGY – the better these tags are, the more clicks your page generates on the SERPs. Here’s what you can do to write better meta tags for your content to perform better. 

Long-Tail Keywords

In many cases, it is challenging to create a title or description with keywords that make sense. You might end up sticking to one keyword in an effort to avoid looking like you are trying too hard to stuff keywords in your title or description. That sentiment does make sense but there is a lot to gain from using long-tail keywords and here’s nifty SEO TECHNIQUE to help you do it right.

Let’s say you are trying to rank for the keyword “Email Marketing Guide.” Given that the SERP tides are in your favour, you can rank using this keyword. However, you can rank even better if you mixed it up a bit. For instance, adding the keyword “Beginner’s guide” transforms your meta title or description to contain the long tail keyword “Beginner’s Guide to Email Marketing” and start ranking for both keywords. 

Use AdWords as A Guide

Google AdWords specialists work day and night producing clickable ads and conducting A/B tests to figure out which ones are more effective. This makes AdWords a handy SEO TECHNIQUE to have in your pocket. 

Why? Because these make for great copy for your Meta title and description! These phrases are already proven effective in the advertisers’ targeted niche, and they can work the same way for yours! Sounds simple? That’s because it is. 

SEO in 2019 continues to grow more complicated and challenging each day. As digital marketers and SEO experts continue to become smarter, the competition turns more rigorous. It is up to you to keep up with the latest SEO TRENDS and TECHNIQUES in 2019. Share this helpful article with your friends and coworkers, or keep it handy because we will continue to update this list with even more helpful SEO SECRETS as we progress further into 2019. 

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