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Behold The AI Era: Robots Are Coming To Help Your SEO Services In Sydney

A few years ago, people are just dreaming of a world with robots everywhere – just like what they see in movies. It is such a wonder to know how it feels like not to move from the couch when you need to get food, to be able to drive around town without getting your hands on the steering wheel, to simply give out commands when you need something done on your behalf, and all other cool stuff. It seems only yesterday, huh? Though, with the advancement of technology, a lot of amazing things have been brought to reality, particularly robots (not the type of robots you come to know in The Terminator, Robocop and I, Robot).

With the rapid evolution of technology, artificial intelligence (AI) has been a worldwide phenomenon and people can’t stop talking about it for years now. Some say that artificial intelligence is the key to dystopia and automation in recent times is exciting everyone.

Although there are other people who fear the rise of artificial intelligence, thinking that it could lead to the endangerment of human workforce. The most startling question there is, are we all ready for the rise of the office and automated machines? I guess, yes.

Studies revealed that roughly half of all current jobs would be automated in the next 20 years and probably, this is the main reason why people fear the rise of its coverage. Despite the fear of the unknown, artificial intelligence has brought various advantages and it is augmenting work rather than replacing it.

As years go by, the demand for AI-based solutions has grown at a rapid clip, leading to a huge increase in the global AI market. Along with this demand and growth, numerous applications for this technology, can drive engagement and create a better overall customer experience, such as in marketing.


Artificial Intelligence And Business Growth

In contrast to what many people believe, artificial intelligence drives growth and helps businesses, especially start-up ones, to be more efficient, and provide a better customer experience. Overall, with artificial intelligence, businesses achieve cost-effective solutions since they can work quicker and more efficiently than human operators.

As such, businesses can scale up their operational models in a lightning-speed kind of way that is considered impossible if humans are going to work on it. Imagine the time, money and effort that can be saved with the integration of artificial intelligence in the workplace as well as the business process in general.

Let’s take online marketing, advertising and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) as an example. The algorithms of search engines are considered artificial intelligence and with it, businesses can optimise their advertising strategies so ads appear at the most appropriate times to appeal to the right audience.

When done right, it can drive businesses to climb the ladder of online success and build their empire. When the right audience is targeted, SEO Services in Sydney can boost their online presence, web traffic, ultimately leading to an increase in the conversion of visitors to buying customers, thus providing a better return on investment. 


A More Positive Picture

As the technological trend shifts towards the coverage of artificial intelligence and automation, people should start seeing a better and more positive picture. It has been a way of thinking in some people that as artificial intelligence soars, ultimately, it will spell the end of humanity as we know it especially with the thoughts of having robots to replace humans.

However, it is about time that we consider the other side of the coin – let’s contemplate on the positive impact of artificial intelligence in our way of living. With the Internet of Things on the rise, AI has played a great deal in improving customer experience but some people just don’t see how huge the impact is.

AI was not designed as an abomination – it was designed to make things easier for humans. On a positive note, the development and integration of algorithms in the Internet of Things, allow people to detect the need for repairs to be made before things actually break. All thanks to the sensors monitoring everything from build quality to utility equipment and the overall algorithm that collects data such as traffic data, weather information, etc.

How AI Technology Can Help  

In this digital age, it’s almost impossible not to acknowledge the heights of artificial intelligence and it benefits regardless of how people think of it. At some point, the failure to see its impact on society especially in the business industry is the main reason why its implementation is being held back. To shed a light on this matter, here are the ways artificial intelligence can help businesses to soar high and achieve their goals


Customer Service via Chatbots

Customer service is a huge factor that greatly affects the success of a business. With the evolution of technology, artificial intelligence has been integrated to handle web communications through chatbots. Chatbots are specifically designed to understand natural language commands via voice, text, and even images. Amazon’s Alexa or Yellow’s Jan are just two of the most successful chatbots that people are familiar with.

With these two, answering online queries, creating custom support tickets, rerouting questions for human assistance have been made easy. Indeed, customer satisfaction can be achieved since it takes only a few minutes for users to acquire their need for information, products or services.

In a sense, the assimilation of chatbots in customer service can boost the success of online marketing strategies. Chatbots provide round-the-clock support that can help secure a sale through the attentive provision of information needed by users who are actively looking to purchase your product or services.

Just imagine how efficient your SEO in Sydney could be if you program chatbots to customer queries. Although it doesn’t come for free, it is extremely accessible and affordable. It would be a worthy investment that will give you the best value for your money’s worth. On top of that, artificial intelligence can be used along with digital ads which are an excellent solution to determine which ones will provide the most conversions at the lowest cost per click. 

Quality Marketing Copy

The human brain is spectacular and it can create wonders especially in terms of developing high-quality content. However, nowadays, the existence of artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotic process automation are being implemented in areas that do not require human creativity. Yes, it can’t be used as a replica of the human brain, but it can serve as an aid in providing assistance in routine processes that require minimal critical thought.

Long ago, an algorithm or machine that has the ability to generate marketing copy that could equal the quality of content written by reputable industry writers was just a mere idea. Today, it is starting to become a reality since artificial intelligence can produce seemingly authentic text that can appeal as enticing as the text written by human copywriters. Although it comes with a fair warning – text generated through AI are only better-suited for content built around data points like market reports, news pieces and product description pages.

On the other hand, the progress and improvement of the AI language are ongoing, which means that soon enough it will become more sophisticated along with its natural language. Over time, artificial intelligence and machine learning can be able to generate quality content that targets specific audiences and strictly adheres to brand guidelines. It will not be long enough till we see great progress on how automation processes shift towards a better performance of email subject lines and social media posts.

Pairing AI with CIAM (Customer Identity Access Management)

CIAM (Customer Identity Access Management) is an integral tool that is being used to personalise user experience through the advantage of an individual’s digital footprint. As a user’s data is being gathered and segmented through the cloud, artificial intelligence can analyse the data and specifically design aspects of a web or applications session that is aligned to the needs of a specific user.

Now, as CIAM is paired with AI, you can expect that there will be a drastic change in the users’ engagement since the search results such as promotions and offers are specifically selected to appeal directly to an individual person.

The more personalise the search results are, the better the engagement there is. In order to achieve such personal touch, a customer identity and access management software is required. This way, you can identify the customer’s identity regardless of how many identities he or she has in the digital world, taking into account their social media accounts, email addresses, mobile devices, etc. When done right, the assimilation of artificial intelligence and CIAM can provide incredible customer experiences that outpace anything the competition can offer.

Key Takeaway

Indeed, technology has come a long way and it continues to evolve as to provide users with ease and convenience. With its rapid improvement, artificial intelligence has come to surface and offer businesses an edge to build their online success by driving customer experience.

Artificial intelligence and online marketing are a match made in heaven, and when it is integrated with CIAM (Customer Identity Access Management), everything just becomes perfect. In your pursuit to achieve business goals, taking advantage of the services from the best SEO company in Sydney is highly important. Considering that you are on your way to implement marketing strategies that target a specific audience, with a personalised approach, be sure to ask professional assistance. 

Technology continues to soar and before you know it, machine learning and automation processes are everywhere. As the days roll by, the number of tools to automate tasks, gather data analytics and manage communications expands. Despite the negative insights other people have about artificial intelligence, it’s always better to look on the bright side. Hey, artificial intelligence is not as bad as they think it is – be reminded that it offers some clear benefits too.

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