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5 Reasons Why SEO Services in Sydney Are Time Consuming

It feels great and fulfilling when your hard work and efforts pay off, right? It is something that we all look forward to in everything we do, especially when you are in the business industry. When you work hard on something, such as SEO campaigns, in particular, it is kind of rewarding when you results. It is something that you and every business look forward to, right? Although it gets frustrating when these results take a lot of time to show. It is a given fact that SEO takes time and there is no magic formula to instantly generate desirable results. For these particular reasons, businesses fear SEO campaigns and simply ignore its relevance to business success.

In connection with this, a lot of people, especially executives are wondering – why does SEO take too long? This question is not answerable by a simple yes or no. To shed a light on this matter, here are six reasons why SEO services in Sydney are time-consuming.

Thorough Competitor Analysis

The moment you enter the business industry, you already understand that there is fierce competition out there. It gets even tougher by the minute and in order to make your way to the top, you need to research your competitors. Bear in mind that your competitors have already been working on their campaigns for years, giving them the advantage of better rankings in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Don’t be discouraged, though. The first thing that you need to do is conduct a thorough competitor analysis to identify their strategies, what they’re doing to rack their keywords in particular. Determine how much they’re doing as well because their SEO efforts will slow down your results. If you’re doing as much as you can, they’re doing it right and as much, too.

Prioritising Quality

When building SEO strategies, remember to prioritise quality over quantity. This applies most importantly to the content of your website. Creating and establishing high-quality, relevant content really takes time since you’re putting a lot of thoughts to it and you plan it carefully. Plus, Google takes time to acknowledge the quality of content that you post.

In your pursuit to achieve better ranking on Google, you need to create compelling and relevant topics in your niche. If you have thin content, you need to improve it. Google highly considers audience engagement, the number of people who see it as well as the bounce rate. At some point, the number of links matter, and in this case, you need to build high-value inbound and outbound links. This way, Google can read your content as relevant and therefore display your page on the search results. Content such as how-to manuals, guide, tips and helpful posts that answer customers’ queries are required to gain authority.

Google Does Not Trust Drastic Changes

If you think that SEO in Sydney has a magic formula – think again. People often think that there is a shortcut to everything, including in SEO rankings, but there is no such thing. Although it is possible to gain popularity in a drastic manner, Google does not trust that as much as those websites who build their credibility over time. Building a massive amount of links to rank your site with the intention of boosting popularity will reap benefits at first, but it won’t last. Ultimately, Google’s algorithm will detect your pattern of tricking them and ban you from their search engine.

Given this, it is important to earn Google’s trust by taking things slow, especially when creating quality content and high-value backlinks. Remember, it will take a few days to a couple of weeks for the search engines to acknowledge the changes you made. There’s no need to rush because eventually, doing SEO the right way, working around the most important ranking factors will definitely provide you with desirable results.

Constant Search Engine Updates

The only thing predictable about SEO is the search engine updates. Google is the leading search engine and as far as its algorithm goes, it doesn’t stay the same – it gets better and better. So does Yahoo! and Bing. Along the algorithm updates come the new rules that you need to observe when developing SEO strategies if you are looking forward to maintaining a good ranking. Keep in mind that the way search engines rank sites can change overnight. So, what may work now, may no longer work tomorrow. Hence, you will need to change your strategies and it will take time – again.

In addition, SEO is not a one-time-campaign. Like, it’s not something that you work on for months and when you rank, you just stop. No – it’s not how it works. You have to maintain or improve your rankings as you move along.


SEO campaigns are an investment, hence, money is a factor that can make it time-consuming. Google released more than 200 ranking factors and if you want to work around these factors, you will have to spend money. Meaning. More heads to work on their campaigns. The budget that you set can affect the speed of performing SEO-related tasks. It doesn’t have to be done all at once, you can do it few factors at a time. Your competition may have more budget to spend on their SEO campaigns, hence, they can do more and hire the best SEO company in Sydney to work for them. If you have more than enough budget, you can do that too.

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