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Essential SEO Ranking Factors: What Really Matters For Your SEO Services In Sydney

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO Services in Sydney is not what it used to be back in the earlier days – it has transformed. Few of the many strategies that used to work a few years ago are no longer effective today. Over the years, Google has continued to implement algorithm updates that change the rules and ethics of SEO with the aim to provide the best search results for users. The search engine giant has been relentless in rewriting the significant changes every year and as it rolled out, you need to tweak your SEO initiative in accordance with the updates. As of today, there are more than 200 Google ranking factors – and hey, a lot of research and hard work went into this. In your quest to climb the ladder of success and appear in the glimmering first page of Google’s search results, working in the ranking factors is imperative for your SEO Services in Sydney. Although you have to admit that there are not enough hours in a day to work on all of it. Lucky for you though, not all ranking factors are created equal – some are more important than the others and have a higher bearing in terms of optimising your site. Meaning, you can maximise your SEO efforts by working on the most important ranking factors. To get traffic to your site and move up the search results page, you have to be in the know. These top four essential ranking factors REALLY matter to your SEO services in Sydney and you should focus on it.

High-Quality Content SEO

In SEO, content is considered “King” and it has been one of the most important ranking factors through the years. This shouldn’t be news, though. Content that is optimised for keywords holds valuable SEO power has been an important ranking factor for a while. Although in recent years, SEO Services in Sydney has shifted away from keyword-focused content towards more relevant content. Creating high-quality content is what Google needs you do and it should provide valuable information to your users. Pages that contain real value are being rewarded by the search engine giant, thus, improved rankings. You see, a relevant content written in natural language gives users what they are looking for and in the eyes of Google, you are a star. So, to help publish a high-quality and in-depth content, you need to work on these areas to increase its SERP presence.

Keyword Research in SEO Services in Sydney

  If someone ever told you that keyword research is a dead method – don’t believe them. In fact, it is highly significant in supporting quality content creation. It has shifted past the traditional keyword research wherein nowadays, it is considered as a content creation roadmap. In order to discover the keywords that appear to have an average search volume but holds a high click-through rate for your audience, you must perform competitor research and data mining. Keep in mind that you must determine your primary keywords and create content with topics suited for your searcher.

Search Intent

  Users are on the internet for a particular reason – they are looking for something. It could be a need or a want for products or services, information, transaction, etc. As such, it is important that you know the search intent of the users in order to create content that can drive traffic to your site. According to experts, reshaping your content strategy to align with user’s search intent can boost traffic. Now, in order to identify the search intent of your target users, you need to utilise Google Analytics and learn what they are looking for. Plus, you can make use of Site Search to help you gain ideas on what your customers are searching for.

Rich Snippets

  Don’t you underestimate the advantages of rich snippets – it is valuable in creating high-quality content. It is known as the result Google shows to the user in the search results. Unlike the normal snippets, rich snippets contain extra information between the URL and the description which makes it more visible in the search results. In short, it gives your users a preview of your content before they click it to view the page. Most of the times, rich snippets involve photos or ratings of a certain recipe or so. If you utilise rich snippets, it can increase your click-through rate and lower your bounce rate.

High-Value Backlinks

  Over the years, backlinks still remain as an important ranking signal. It is an indicator that helps  Google identify if your site is good based on its quality and relevance. So, if you want the search engine giant to mark your site as a good one, you need to invest time, effort and hard work in building quality backlinks than poor backlinks in high quantity. In building high-quality backlinks, remember that Google’s judgment is based on the number of links your page has, the authority of the pages linking to it and the diversity of your backlinks. The key to successful backlinking is a high-quality content. Once you’ve published a content that is relevant to users, the next thing to do is promote that content consistently. If you not quite sure what to do or where to, here are factors that can impact your backlinks:

Link Score

  A link score helps Google determine the relevance of a page. It is calculated based on the individual quality score of an incoming link and the number of backlinks to the website. As such, a link score reveals the importance of both, quantity and quality when building backlinks. If you don’t want to damage your website’s SEO in Sydney, then don’t focus on building too many low-quality backlinks – eliminate or disavow them.

Relevant Anchor Text

  Anchor texts have always mattered in SEO. It is an essential component that helps Google determine the relevance of a backlink. Scammers often use obscure tactics to trick the system using anchor texts, but, it will only get you penalised. So, when you are using anchor texts, be sure that it is natural and diverse.

Quick SEO Tip:

  To build and better understand your link profile, there is link auditing software that you could use to help you monitor the quantity and quality of backlinks to your website. Aside from that, the said software can also help you reach out to relevant, authority websites in your niche for high-value backlinks. Also, it is an excellent tool for removing poor, spammy-looking links.

Mobile-First User Experience   User experience has a huge impact on SEO. According to research, almost 38% of users will lose attention and engagement to your site if the content and layout are not compelling. It’s one of the many factors that increase your site’s bounce rate. Now, given the population of users who prefer to use their mobile phones when visiting websites, more and more businesses are prioritising mobile UX experience. Back in 2016, Google announced their shift towards mobile-first indexing which means that the mobile versions of websites will be primarily indexed by Google rather than its desktop version. In response to this update, mobile optimisations have been an important ranking factor. In other words, you need to make you content responsive across all mobile platforms while it remains identical to the desktop version. However, you must avoid launching your mobile version until it’s finished. To optimise mobile user experience, there are areas you need to work on.

Site Architecture

  One of the most important changes that you need to do to your site is improving the site architecture because it creates a huge impact on SEO. It is also an essential component of mobile user experience and with a good site architecture, users can easily find what they are looking for. On top of that, it also makes it easier for the search engine crawlers to find the pages in your site. Remember to keep it minimalistic – pages and navigation should be laid out as simple as possible.

Page Speed

  Page speed is highly important to user experience. Keep this in mind: a page with a longer load time tend to have higher bounce rates and lower average time on page. In short, you’ll lose revenue in the long run. Your priority should be in improving your site’s loading speed by compressing images, reducing the number of plugins, minimising the number of JavaScript and CSS files, etc. There are various tools you can use to test a website’s average page speed.

Technical Signals

  Improving your site’s ranking also involves other ranking signals like the technical components of your site. It is closely related to user experience. By working on the technical factors of your site, you can improve your site’s visibility and SERP position for your target keywords. It can be time-consuming to fulfil but it is all worth it. Do the technical “behind the scenes” components matter? Yes. Your on-page optimisation can greatly help the existing high-quality content to be easily found by search engines and users. Here are some ways you can work on the technical signals of your site.

H1 and H2 Headings

  Landing pages that contain H1 and H2 in the source code have been found to receive better rankings. These codes allow Google and other search engines to understand your page’s content better, allowing them to grasp a clearer picture of the information the page and its relevance.

HTTPS Encryption

  HTTPS provide your users with a secure connection and it can impact your SEO rankings. Using HTTPS encryption in your site can help you improve your chances of hitting the first page of Google. Experts from Google confirmed that sites with HTTPS encryption rank higher than sites that use HTTP.

Interstitials Ads

  In Google’s quest to provide mobile-first optimization, the search engine giant aims to crack down intrusive interstitial pop-ups that don’t add to the UX of a website. Aside from the fact that it doesn’t add any value to user experience, it also hurts your SEO initiative. The only time that you consider pop-ups in your site is when it is necessary – until then, don’t even think about it.

Summing Things Up

  Search Engine Optimisation is an industry that continues to transform and its evolution is fast. In your pursuit to climb the ladder of success and achieve better rankings, it’s important to follow the above-mentioned guidelines. Implementing the most important SEO ranking factors like producing new and valuable content, and keep your site up to date can make you look good in the eyes of the search engine giant. To ensure the success of your SEO campaign, you can look for the best SEO company in Sydney to help you all the way. Google’s quest to provide its users with rich and relevant content, quality links, and a perfect mobile experience has been relentless. By working on these highlighted SEO ranking factors, you can come out ahead of the competition.

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