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PPC and SEO Service in Sydney for a Successful Business

What business does not what more customers? Any business owner would tell you that they need more sales– this means they want more customers. Let us face it, even if you have an existing group of consistent customer, this is not enough to fuel the growth of your business. You need to be able to gather more leads that you can nurture into loyal patrons. You can do this through SEO Service in Sydney.

How do you get leads? Nowadays, businesses have websites and social media pages wherein they can target and attract their chosen market. SEO Service in Sydney exists for the purpose of boosting your online visibility to your target audience in Australia or anywhere else in the world. However, Search Engine Optimisation can only get you so far. If you want a significant increase in your traffic, Pay-per-Click Marketing is the way to go.

What in the World is PPC?

First things first, what is PPC? PPC means Pay-per-Click. This is a kind of digital online marketing which, as the name suggests, the advertisers pay for every click their ads get. To put it simply, PPC is paying for the visits to your website rather than waiting for the efforts of your SEO service in Sydney to take effect for your business.

You can do PPC marketing through search engine advertising. This form of advertising allows digital marketers to bid for ad placement in a search engine’s sponsored links. This means that when someone searches on a keyword related to their business offering, the user would be able to see the business’ paid ad.

Lead Generation through PPC

If you think that PPC is only for e-commerce websites, then you came across this article at the right time. You cannot be blamed for thinking that way since it is actually a common misconception. But let us get this out of the way and say that this is not the case. PPC works effectively for ALL websites and companies that are doing online lead generation.

Hold on a second, is “lead generation” a new term for you? Lead generation simply means the action of acquiring leads. This is a necessity for businesses that have a specific target market in mind.

For example, if you are in real estate, you would not want to waste your time on someone who lives across the globe when you know full well that you live in Australia and that all the property that you are handling are in Sydney. Unless you are certain that this long-distance lead is planning to move to your area.

Lead generation helps you and your client to make an informed decision whether you are to proceed with the transaction.

Can PPC Bring Success to Your Lead Gen?

To get leads, you would typically be using a lead funnel. However, as time goes by, you would realise that you need to keep your funnel full by keeping the leads coming. So can PPC bring success to your lead generation? The answer is yes.

You can Get More Leads with PPC

The concept of a lead funnel is quite simple. The same way an actual funnel works, our metaphorical funnel for leads start from the top of the funnel. Your lead goes in from the top of the funnel then work their way down to a conversion. And a converted client means sales for your business.

The process may sound simple, but actually getting your lead to convert is not as easy, especially if there are no leads on the top of the funnel. This is where PPC can help you out.

Methods for Lead Generation


Blogging is a good source of lead, but this method would require you to constantly bring out new content. The effectiveness of blogging depends on its chances of being shared. It is also dependent on the size of your following. If you have a lot of people following your content, then this would not be an issue.


Email marketing works by sending emails to your existing clients to let them know about what is new with your business and if you have any promos. But for you to be able to generate new leads, you would need to rent or buy a list of email addresses and hope that you would be able to convert some of these people into your customers.

Social Media

Social media is a great platform for advertising your content and brand since almost everyone have an account. Marketing through social media lets you expose your business to new prospects. However, getting followers through social media does not necessarily mean that they are part of your target market. But any kind of exposure is good.

Organic Search through SEO Service in Sydney

Organic search happens when someone clicks on your page with only the help of search engine optimisation. Majority of your traffic actually comes from this method of marketing. This is an effective way to gain leads if you rank high on the search result pages. That is why working with the best-suited company of SEO service in Sydney for your brand is a vital part of your marketing process.

Although organic search is amazing, you need to be extremely patient with it since you would be competing with thousands of other businesses and website for the top search result positions.


Ladies and gentlemen, the moment you have waiting for– Pay-per-click marketing. It is true that everything takes time and hard work. Especially success. It is also true that there is no shortcut to success, however, no one ever said that hard work has to be extra hard.

PPC allows your ad to instantly appear on page one and attract the people that you are actually targeting. This method of marketing makes people under your target demographic be more aware of your existence and everything that you have to offer.

Sure, this method requires you to pay, but hey, it gets you result.

Benefits of PPC for Lead Generation:

  • You can attract visitors who are under your target market
  • You can achieve quick and instant keyword rankings and traffic
  • You are able to bid on different stages of the funnel
  • You can control the message for each stage of your funnel
  • You can see what people are searching for and you can create your message that would appeal to their needs
  • You can know more about your leads and their behaviour
  • You can track your ROI down to the last cent
  • You are able to grow your database of leads and market to them with other methods

Lead Generation VS E-Commerce

Okay, as mentioned previously, people have a misconception that PPC is only used for e-commerce. Now that it is clear why this is not the case at all, let us compare the difference between lead generation and e-commerce.

Both lead generation and e-commerce use PPC for their marketing strategy. The most obvious difference is the fact that lead generation has a qualification whereas e-commerce does not. In e-commerce, as long as you have a credit card or if you have the capability to buy items online, then you are in the target market.

Lead Generation vs. E-commerce Ad Content

Content is the almighty king of marketing. So how do you know what a kingdom stands for and how strong it is? Through their king. So how does a lead gen content compare against an e-commerce copy?

Right off the bat, the call-to-action differs between these two kinds of company. You would notice that e-commerce makes it easy for their target audience. The results are instant and you get what you want in a snap versus lead generation content wherein you are required to go through a process.

CTAs for e-commerce is pretty direct like a simple “Buy now!” then leads you to a page where you just click, pay and go. While the CTAs for lead generation wants to keep your interest– enough to get your information like “Get Your Free Quote Now”– then requires you to leave your contact information.

Lead Generation vs. E-commerce Landing Page

Lead Generation Landing Page

There is actually only a fine line between the differences of the CTAs for e-commerce and lead generation. However, it is different for their landing pages. There is a clear difference between lead generation and e-commerce in this department.

The landing pages for a lead generation business is very limited. It has minimal distracting elements. Lead generation website wants you to focus on their message. You can see a clear pattern of headline, benefits, and multiple calls-to-action like: “Start”, “Get an online quote”, “Call,” and many more.

Your choices are limited in the sense that you can either call them, provide your e-mail address or give them your zip code. Lead generation websites are meant to qualify and filter their leads. That is why visitors are required to tell the companies more so the companies can start to qualify and route the leads through the funnel.

E-commerce Landing Page

E-commerce has a more relaxed approach to their landing page. They let the visitors feel free to shop the stores and make purchases.

E-commerce landing pages tend to have a big space for putting their promos that would urge their visitors to make their purchase, for example, the “free ground shipping” offer which is a limited time offer. A lot of visitors would be motivated to purchase right away.

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