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Discover How To Optimise Online Store Successfully

Did you know that Australians spent a total of $1.95 billion per month on online shopping alone in 2018? Yes, you read that right. The eCommerce industry in Australia is fast-growing and given this statistical data, there’s no wonder why more and more businesses are eager to enter this industry.

As Australia’s online market continues to expand, even well-known eCommerce businesses are determined to enter the market, such as Alibaba and Amazon. This online market expansion leaves enough room for businesses to grow and succeed, especially to those brick and mortar stores who extend their services online.

According to research, brick and mortar businesses comprises the majority of the retail sector. With these retailers working to improve their services and making the customer experience better, the consumers’ shift will continue to increase. It’s not just them, though. An online market is also a great place for businesses in different niches – it’s a good place for them to promote their brand and build a venue for success.

The road to success on the online market is not an easy path – it requires a lot of effort, time and of course, it involves efficient strategies as well as specific solutions. As technology continues to evolve, the online trend shifts along with it and in order for businesses to achieve their objectives, they have to be flexible enough to adapt to the fast-changing trend.

In the consistent pursuit of online success, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has been one of the most effective practices that help in online store optimisation and increasing visibility. With this technique, you are taking a step closer to achieving your long-term goals. SEO has received mixed feedback and reaction over the years and there are some people who question its benefits in promoting business online. Some say that it is not advantageous while others display proof of its great benefits. 

In lieu of this situation, a renowned Sydney cosmetic surgery company has stepped out into the light and has proved that with the right SEO practices and strategies, a business can stand above the rest and triumph over its competitors as well as gain revenue. In fact, the said company gained ten times organic search revenue.

You might be asking, how did they do it? What strategies or methods did they use? Well, we’ll discuss all of it in this case study and you could discover the SEO techniques that brought the renowned plastic and cosmetic surgery company to success – making them the most recognisable name in the cosmetic and plastic surgery space in Western Australia.

Debunking SEO Myth

There were allegations and beliefs that says SEO is already a dead practice – it no longer works. It is claimed by so-called online marketing experts and was believed by a number of people which lead some business to discontinue investing on it. However, SEO being dead is one of the biggest myths told about digital marketing or the online world. This statement or claim is not true.

The fact is, SEO didn’t die – it simply evolved into a more efficient and brilliant solution. People were too used to stuffing their websites with keywords, building numerous backlinks, questionable tactics – all the traditional ways.

When the time came that Google updated their algorithm and its artificial intelligence, these methods were revoked and these tricks no longer. Since people were too accustomed to the traditional ways and noticed that it no longer works after the update, they were quick to conclude that SEO no longer works. A whole lot of misconception it was.

As SEO transformed along with Google’s update on its algorithm, it penalised questionable methods that try to trick and engineer the system. Nowadays, Google and other major search engines highly recognise SEO strategies that are relevant, high-quality, long-term and clean.

A Little Backstory

The plastic and cosmetic surgery industry in Australia is one of the most competitive industries and creating a breakthrough is a very challenging step. Just like any other business, the main goal is to rise above the rest and break the barrier that prevents them from reaching success in the given field. As companies seek solutions to this challenge, a reputable plastic and cosmetic surgery company received what they were hoping for back in 2013.

They sought help from a team of marketing gurus and experts who understood their needs and worked on how to optimise an online store as well as building their brand online. Sessions and meetings were conducted in order to determine the problem and business-specific solutions to address the problems.

As part of the assessment, the online marketing experts discussed these main points together with the participants from the aforementioned plastic and cosmetic surgery company:

The present situation and setting.

Both parties identified the current strategies being used, the type of results they were producing, their strengths, weaknesses, areas of improvement, their current assets and how they were leveraging them, and all other important details about their current situation before taking a step forward.

A clear definition of their goals and objectives.

The renowned cosmetic surgery company and the marketing gurus discussed and set a clear definition of what they wanted to accomplish, as a business and what they expect to get out of their SEO strategy.

Development of a tailor-fit SEO strategy.

Once the goals and objectives had been set, the marketing gurus developed a specific and tailor-fit SEO strategy to help them correct and improve what they were doing in order to reach their defined goals in a record-setting time.

What Went Wrong: Areas Of Opportunities

After a thorough discussion and analysis of the data that was collected, the areas of opportunities were identified. The renowned cosmetic plastic surgery company has been just like other businesses out there – a business with a vision of building their brand and making their site rank on Google. However, the experts that were assigned to do such tasks failed to provide the necessary results and meeting their expectations went down the drain.

Based on the study, it was found out that the previous “so-called” experts who worked on their SEO strategy focused on the traditional and questionable tactics, which is, definitely not good. The following methods were identified and these are just a few of the biggest mistakes that every business or eCommerce Sydney store should avoid:

Keyword-stuffing tactics

Populating your website with keywords is no longer part of the game – it just doesn’t work that way anymore. This is one of the biggest mistakes identified in the previous SEO strategy by the company. Google has topped up the game and developed a specific program attached to their algorithm called Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI), to target those who try to cheat on their search engine thru keyword stuffing. LSI is a logic, a mathematical approach the searched your website for synonyms related to the title of your page, aiming to identify the relationship between terms and concepts in content.

Meaning, the more synonyms found in your website, the more relevant you will be on Google and major search engines, thus, higher rankings will be in order. Otherwise, you’ll just get your business penalised and it’ll definitely hurt your rankings just like it did on the mentioned plastic and cosmetic surgery company.

Unorganised site architecture

Do you know that an unorganised website can hurt your SEO rankings? Believe it or not, it does. They underestimated the importance of visual and content hierarchy and that lead to an undesirable result. If you wish to succeed in your SEO strategy, never make the same mistake. The ease of navigation and structured pages are two of the main factors that help search engines rank your website. Remember, the average time spent by a user navigation a page helps determine relevancy and the previous experts who worked with the medical company’s’ strategy failed to see that through.

Slow-loading page

Users have a very short attention span and if you have a slow-loading page, just like they did before, ultimately you’ll lose customers or visitors. As per Google, site speed is one of the key signals used by its algorithm to rank pages. Meaning, a slow-loading page will have fewer indexed pages since Google can only crawl a few numbers of pages, which can greatly impact your site’s rankings. Plus, the longer your site takes to load, the higher the bounce rates will be (number of visitors leaving the page), affecting your relevancy on search engines.

Unresponsive website design

Internet users that use mobile devices every day to browse or conduct transactions are getting higher and higher. It has surpassed desktop internet usage as mobile technology continues to progress as well. In short, a mobile-friendly website can create a huge impact and an absolute game-changer. However, the website of the said plastic and cosmetic surgery company was not responsive then and that caused a negative impression on their end.

Mobile searches can greatly affect Google ranking, which means that if your website does not have a responsive design, you must not expect higher rankings.

Filler and duplicate pages

This is another tactic that doesn’t work anymore and incorporating filler or duplicate pages are penalised by Google. The experts who previously worked on the company did not acknowledge this, thus, failed to achieve results with their traditional online store optimisation techniques, such as stuffing keywords on a poorly-written content. Yes, it worked before, but now, given Google’s updated algorithm, it’s just another useless effort that is detrimental to your SEO strategies.

Duplicating pages or investing in poor quality content should not be considered, instead, work on high-quality content that relays compelling stories to enhance user engagement.

Focused On Broad Keywords

The use of keywords is highly essential in building a good SEO strategy, but the previous experts who handled the medical company’s website took that lightly and focused on broad keywords. Broad keywords are not bad, however, competitive and specific keywords are far better in gaining high-volume searches. Invest in big volume terms or tong-tall keywords for better search results. Focus on longer and more specific keyword phrases that are most likely to be used by visitors when searching online.

Action Plan: Winning SEO Strategies To Target The Problem

Alright, so, after identifying the underlying factors that have caused the renowned medical company to get stuck in their digital marketing campaign, it’s time for the real pros to take actions. The question is, how did they turn the game around and shifted it to their favour? Well, the online marketing gurus contemplated these things to come up with a customised SEO strategy.

Company assets

In order to come up with an effective SEO strategy, understanding the company’s valuable assets is important. Despite the errors that were encountered before, the small yet relevant factors that were ignored, with the help of the real pros, the renowned plastic and cosmetic surgery company were able to manage to rank in the low top spots for broad terms. Given this, all their assets including the neglected ones were taken into full account.

Goals and Objectives

Another key factor in drafting a tailor-fit SEO strategy for the company is the identification of its goals and objectives. The strategies to be developed has to meet the company’s needs and wants.

Detailed keyword research

The company’s assets, goals and objectives, as well as the current trend in the marketplace, was considered. The online marketing gurus did thorough keyword research and expanded their reach by pitching in more specific, long-tail, and relevant keywords.

Proven-effective SEO strategies of today

The SEO industry continues to shift, hence, the implementation of proven-effective SEO strategies that work today is a huge help as it did with the mentioned reputable medical group. Remember, traditional tactics no longer work, so let the real pros do the job.

Lo and Behold The Winning SEO Strategies That Set The Game!

After careful deliberation on the most important things that should be taken into account in developing the perfect SEO strategy including the areas of opportunities, the marketing gurus have implemented the game-changing approach. These three online marketing tactics gave the company a breakthrough and gained them ten times organic search revenue:

User Experience Is A Priority

User experience is the key factor that can set a company’s success online, and in the reputable medical company’s’ case, it is a proven fact. As part of the user experience, the website was restructured for online store optimisation and competitive keywords were carefully used to ensure positive results. Visual and content hierarchy were meticulously worked on to ensure that search engines can crawl and index the site.

The site’s overall design is crucial, thus, always keep in mind that your site has to meet customers expectations. Keep it minimalistic as much as possible and offer easy navigation for users to work their way around it. Yes, an appealing website is great, but don’t compromise overall usability and functionality for it.

On-page SEO

The technical side of the website was also taken seriously – the on-page SEO. As part of this technique, key elements should be in the right place and order, like the title tags, header tags, meta descriptions, alt tags, and filenames. These elements should be in sync encompassing keyword strategy. Aside from that, the site’s loading page, high-quality content, content discoverability, and responsive design were taken care of by the professional marketing gurus of the renowned medical group. Having said this, here are key points that you should ponder on to effectively get your on-page SEO on top.

Improve Loading Speed

Some of the techniques that could improve your site’s loading page are image compression, code clean-up, minimising redirects, and limiting the use of flash. Yes, it is important to keep a visually appealing website but there’s no need to compromise functionality for it.

Have High-quality Content

Content is one of the major elements in web design. It is also an integral part of your pursuit to succeed with SEO integration. As the search engines crawl on through the content of a website, you certainly need to work on how to make your website’s content relevant. The use of SEO optimised text such as important keywords is imperative as you deploy your website.

Design For Content Discoverability

First, aim to create high-quality and relevant content. Then, the next step would be to develop a design for content discoverability. Your content needs to be crawled and indexed by the search engines, hence, it has to be discoverable.

Responsive Web Design

The accessibility of your website across all platforms, especially on mobile devices, can give you the advantage of gaining attention from potential customers, boosting web traffic in the process.

Focusing on organic search conversions

Lastly, the real marketing gurus focused on getting more traffic, more leads, and more sales. In connection with this, a specific strategy was devised based on the most valuable and profitable keywords for the company.

These keywords were optimised to help them gain higher rankings on Google and other major search engines. In their case, the pros did not just stop using one keyword – they extended their reach and optimised other competitive keywords like Botox in Perth. Just like what the experts did, always aim for long-tailed and specific keywords for better organic search results.

The rules of the game in the online market has drastically changed over the years. Combining these three powerful SEO tactics, you can certainly achieve better organic search revenue as well as higher rankings. By reading the case study of this reputable plastic and cosmetic surgery company, it is for certain that you have gained insights on what SEO strategies work and apply these techniques in building your own platform of success online!

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