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5 Surefire Ways To Introduce The Importance Of SEO Services in Sydney

The term SEO is becoming more and more popular nowadays in the business industry. Almost ten years ago, this is just a strange word that everybody doesn’t know about and if you happen to mention it, probably, you’ll get a blank, spaced out expression from everyone’s face. Years have gone by, and still, the same expression can be seen on people’s faces every time SEO is being brought on the table. For a person working with SEO for a long period of time, there’s not a thing about SEO that can’t be understood or explained elaborately such as 404s, backlinks, spiders and indexing, etc. Although, you can’t expect the rest of the society or industry to comprehend these terms as much as you do. I mean, they don’t stumble upon error 404s or work around Google’s algorithm every day, do they? Specifically, your boss. Bosses are decision makers and they handle a multitude of tasks every single day as they play a crucial role in every business. You won’t see them on their desks browsing about the SEO strategies, or about keyword stuffing, or any other SEO-related stuff. Hence, it would be challenging to discuss SEO with them and in most cases, they would be sceptical about it. Perhaps, they can either be inquisitive, irresolute to deflective about it. SEO plays a very important role in the success of a business regardless of its niche. It can help build a venue for success and offer growth to businesses. However, this importance is often disregarded by business owners and CEOs due to misinformation and lack of evidence provided. In as much as they want to consider it, the doubt still prevails since they don’t really understand how it works, what it offers and what they could get in return as well as the overall value of SEO services in Sydney. Now, as it is your job to effectively introduce SEO to your boss, there are simple yet sure-fire ways on how to do it.

SEO In The Eyes Of CEOs

Business owners and CEOs have a hectic schedule and they got a lot of things to accomplish for the day that is crucial to the overall flow of the business. As decision makers, they are really tough when it comes to making choices and before they dive into a certain decision, they put a lot of thoughts to it. The same goes when someone introduces SEO to them. SEO seems to be a foreign term and approach to them – like it’s an alien ship that fell off from the sky. They know that it’s a UFO but they don’t have the slightest idea why it exists, what are its purpose and a whole lot more of how whys and whats. Just like in SEO, they know that they need it, but they don’t really understand what its for and how it works, etc. Some business owners and CEOs have an idea of the fundamentals of SEO but they’re not totally familiar with it. Given this unfamiliarity, they won’t easily get enthusiastic diving on the SEO initiative. They are a lot about the welfare of the company and any uncertainties are not highly considered as beneficial.

What SEO Really Is

The most common reasons for objection from business owners and CEOs is the time and investment required for SEO. These two factors are the main cause of their scepticism considering that the investment on SEO will take a few weeks to a few months to deliver results. Nonetheless, it could provide long-term results that could help drive the business to success. It is not a fly by night approach that can generate instant results – it requires a lot of legwork and effort. Fortunately, all the hard work pays off in the end and that’s what you should enlighten your boss about. Though the results may take time, ultimately, SEO can bring more benefits to both customers and businesses. It can help build the business’ reputation, increase its online visibility, boost traffic, drive more potential customers which all results in growth and an increase in revenue. This is what every business aims for and business owners, as well as CEOs, should see SEO as such. With your help, they can get a good grasp of the SEO strategies and initiative – you just need to know how to communicate it clearly to them.

How To Introduce The Importance of SEO To Your Boss

Simplify The Terms

In every industry, there’s always jargons and in your pursuit of making your boss understand the significance of SEO to the business, you need to simplify the terms. You don’t want them glazing over the strategies that go with this initiative and end up with rejection. The easier it is to understand, the better grasp they will gain. Yes, you may have the urge to go deeper when it comes to the metrics and the methods, it won’t do you and your boss any good. Find ways on how you can make your explanation simple, clear, brief and concise that your audience can easily comprehend. The time to educate them about the fundamentals of SEO and all the jargon terms they need to know of. This will help you lay out your plans smoothly and discussing relevant metrics will be handy. It will also give you the advantage when you go over the reasons why you’re taking such a course of action.

Explain The Reasons Behind Your Choice

After you have clarified and defined the basics of SEO in simpler terms, you can then convey the reasons why SEO is important to the business. It is a given fact that SEO requires a lot of work and time to deliver visible results and explaining this to your boss can be really challenging. Business owners and CEOs want to see results and tangible benchmarks in a given timeframe. Failure to provide desirable results on a given period of time can mean disapproval and you know it. So, to succeed in the introduction of SEO to your boss, you need to explain why you are making the decision on a certain course of action while keeping the overall big picture in mind. Focus on the goal and discuss what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. For example, you observed duplicate content on the website and as a well-versed SEO professional, you need to revise it in order not to be penalised by Google. In such conditions, you need to explain to them about the necessary revision, discuss how Google works, how duplicate content affects Google ranking and all other reasons why such revisions are needed.

Identify Your Audience and Develop A Specific Explanation

Businesses come in different sizes and within an organisation, you will face a variety of audience as there are different departments compromising it. As you are scheduled to conduct a meeting with these departments, like marketing, accounting and IT, you need to create a plan on how you can make your presentation speak their language. You need to help them get a good grasp of the best SEO strategies in Sydney using a language they could understand. Time and effort must be put into it in order for you to acquire higher support and buy-in of your SEO plan. Let’s take the meeting with IT and marketing department for example. Of course, you need to convey how they are essential for your SEO initiative. Discuss the technical implementations required to improve the site’s design and mobile-friendly functions with the IT team and talk through the marketing department on how SEO can attract the right audience to the website.

Provide Solid Evidence

As what we’ve mentioned previously, CEOs and business owners need tangible and visible results in order to dive into the SEO initiative. Being professionals, they need supporting documents that will support your claim as to why SEO is important for the business. This will get rid of their doubts that you’re making things up and make them believe that you are not taking advantage of their ignorance. To do this, you must document everything – back up your SEO strategy, your reports and your claims. As much as possible, present relevant metrics that would be most beneficial and compelling to the audience. Illustrate how SEO can provide the advantages needed by the company in order to succeed. As you explain it to your audience, remember to simplify SEO terms, speak a language they understand and keep it short.

Build Your Own Credibility

CEOs and business owners don’t trust easily and you know that. Just because someone told them that SEO is relevant to their ambition for success, won’t mean that they will believe and take that seriously in just a snap. Having said that, you must build your own reputation and credibility. The only question is, HOW? Building your credibility and reputation can be done in various ways. Be a leader who serves as a model for everyone. Keep all records of your past work and create a portfolio in order show how your SEO efforts help contribute to increasing the company’s bottom line. Make a record of the past articles you’ve written on behalf of the company, take time to answer customers questions or concerns on the website and provide relevant resources such as how-to guides. In addition, you need to provide them with a report that shows your performance compared to competitors and present a report that tracks revenue from contact forms and e-commerce you’ve worked on. Show them how you’ve helped business gain web visibility and traffic as well as increased revenue and how you can be the best SEO company in Sydney.

Final Words

SEO is undoubtedly a significant element that could help any business achieve their goals of building online success. Despite the scepticism and doubts, it receives from business owners and CEOs, still, it is one of the most effective digital marketing approaches. The key to a successful introduction of the importance of SEO to your boss is through clear and concise communication. It can be difficult to get your boss’ approval of the SEO initiative at first. However, with the identification of your audience, proving the value of SEO, and presenting relevant data to back-up the successes of your strategy – they can finally understand what you’re trying to convey.

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