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Instagram Stories: A step-by-step digital marketing guide


Almost a year has passed since Instagram launched Instagram stories and everyone was in a frenzy. Some complaining that Instagram ripped SnapChat off by copying their platform’s main feature while others rejoiced and immediately tried out the new feature. 

Today, it is still quite true that Instagram used SnapChat as an inspiration for Instagram stories. To make matters worse for the original, Instagram Stories has now evolved into a better version of SnapChat. This doesn’t just apply for the average, selfie-posting user. It also applies to businesses and the opportunities for entrepreneurs to market their product or service to Instagram’s 800 million monthly active users has been made easier. 

Users and businesses enjoy Instagram Stories channel. Customers use it to share fun and memorable things, while businesses use it to promote marketing campaigns and increase brand awareness. The best part is, Instagram sees to it that customers still enjoy and control the content they see on their feeds in spite of businesses freely posting sale-driving and promotional content. 

So, how can you start penetrating this online platform as a business? Keep reading our easy guided to INSTAGRAM STORIES FOR BUSINESS and learn the how’s, why’s, and tips for this social media platform that is full of potential. 


Every marketer – traditional or digital – knows that a strategy is the first thing you should get to work on. The same applies for Instagram Stories especially if you’re planning to share content as a business and tap into the massive audience Instagram caters to every day. Your business can significantly grow it’s Instagram engagement with the right strategy in place.

Before putting together a strategy, it is important to understand the Instagram Feed Algorithm since it is the primary way people are ushered to discover new content on Instagram. The great thing about INSTAGRAM STORIES is that people can still find your stories if the algorithm thinks that the user might be interested in it, even if they don’t follow your account. 

You goal should be to appear on the “explore page.” If you can pull that off with interesting and eye-catching content, you will gain new followers and engagement. Now you might be asking specifics about what kind of content to post, when, and how often. Here’s a quick guide for you. 

The How, When, and What of Instagram Stories for business_IG

Advanced INSTAGRAM STORIES TECHNIQUES for Your Marketing Campaign

Over the years, Instagram has made improvements to allow users and businesses to benefit from new features. Here, we will break down the best ones businesses can use to improve their INSTAGRAM STORIES marketing campaign. 

INSTAGRAM STORIES Links to Your Landing Page

For businesses, one of the best ones is the update that allows users to add a website link to their INSTAGRAM STORIES. Yes, now you can use your Instagram stories to drive traffic to your website’s landing page. How cool is that? 

Businesses can use Instagram stories to promote products or services and easily guide interested users to their landing page to perhaps make the final step – convert!

Be Discovered with Hashtag and Location Stickers

At a glance, the stickers on Instagram stories seem like a way to perk up a post or make it look cute and attractive. However, there are two important stickers that businesses can use to increase discoverability – Hashtag stickers and location stickers. 

Instagram now makes users able to search for stories by location and by hashtag. We mentioned a few paragraphs ago that your goal should be to appear on the explore page. These stickers are your ticket to getting there if you use them right! 

Tag Other Business Accounts

In the world of digital marketing, it is much easier to collaborate with other companies for mutual benefits. You can tag businesses that you partner with on promotions, contests, and events to drive engagement and tapping into the other business’ followers and get them to follow you as well.

Ask Questions and Create Polls

Instagram stories let you put poll and question stickers on your stories to drive engagement from your followers. This makes great for hearing what they have to say. In the digital age, everyone likes a chance to express their opinion. It makes people feel like they matter, and as a business, it is in your best interest to make them feel that they do. 

Tools That Can Help Your INSTAGRAM STORIES Marketing Strategy

Although Instagram’s platform offers many built-in tools to perk up your stories post, there are many third party applications that can help boost your posts’ aesthetics. Moreover, using other tools to create your posts will set you apart from the typical filters and stickers that the Instagram audience are already accustomed to so well. Here are a few of our favorite tools for better and more interesting Instagram Stories for business.


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