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How to Improve SEO Content Service in Sydney

SEO is a crucial element of building strong online visibility for a business. There was a time when Search Engine Optimisation is well-calculated. All you need to know to have a high-ranking content is to add in your target keywords to a certain percentage. It was simple for the content creators and digital marketers, but it does not actually carry value for the target users.

Fortunately for the users, times have changed. Search Engine Optimisation is no longer just about a concrete formula for machines to read. Unfortunately for SEO Service providers in Sydney, this means that they need to come up with a new strategy without a specific set of standards to follow.

Fret not, marketer. Here are a few rules that can help you create content that both search engines and your target audience would appreciate.

How do you write for Search Engine Optimisation this 2019

You need to change your perspective

As a business owner or as part of a company, you know how amazing your products and services are and you just can’t wait to tell the world about it.

However, if you are going to write some SEO content in Sydney then you need to search within your soul and try to see things in your target client’s point of view. You know that your product has mind-blowing features or how your services can change lives, but how do these things benefit your clients? How do you make these things appealing in your target market’s viewpoint?

When you are marketing a product or service, it is less about what your brand can do, but more on what your customers can get from you.

You need to understand your Keywords, Topics and Relationships

In the olden days before search engines launched algorithms that focus on the user experience, keyword density plays a big part in creating high-ranking SEO content. It was considered as the key to success in ranking high in search results. The focus was on getting the keywords, exactly as they are, into the content.

Those days are gone. Sure, you still need to use some keywords to rank, but it does not have to be word-for-word anymore. The keyword is no longer the first priority. Since the formula to SEO success is not as defined as it used to and is not as machine-based as it used to, you should focus on other factors aside from the keywords.

Keywords are now more of a guide to your topic rather than the focus of the content. Google does not need you to put a keyword in that sentence because you need to reach a quota. Google is more interested in how you are using it in the content and how it is relevant to the search question.

Back in the days, Google would only bold the words that are specifically indicated on the search question, but now, Google actually recognises the relationship among certain words. For instance, if you search for “French pastries”, you may find that aside from those actual words, croissant, eclairs, kouign amann, etc. to be bolded too.

In relation to this development in the search process, you should focus on effectively covering the topic and creating a content packed with value instead of just cramming in the keywords.

You need to be able to keep your readers on your page

The duration in which your visitors stays on your page has an impact on how well your website will rank in the search engines. Of course, the more your visitor spends time on your page, the better since this means that they like what they are seeing.

The longer your customer stays on your page, the higher the chances that they will become a paying customer. This is why you need to capture them with your content. The best SEO company in Sydney would know how to keep your visitor asking for more.

Users like having straight to the point answers to their questions. They would appreciate it if you would add in some lists, subheadings and bullet points so they can search for their answers quickly. But those are not going to make them stay.

What you can do is add in some lead-in sentences or questions that would pique their interests. Phrases that are along the lines of “But wait… There’s more!”, “Here’s the deal”, “Want to know the best part?”, etc. 

The bottom line is that a lot has changed in the Search Engine Optimisation industry. Content will always be king, but make sure that you are also considerate of how your content is coming across to your target audience.

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