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Building a Good Foundation: How to Make a Trustworthy Online Shop?

Building business trust is an important step when trying to break into the market. It is especially hard to get e-Commerce customers to trust a new brand that they have only found over the internet. Try to visualize and get into a customer’s shoes, imagine visiting a new online store for the first time. This is a brand that you know nothing about. You have not heard about the quality of its products or their commitment to satisfying their customers. For sure, you would also think twice before placing any order. Their next course of action would be to look for any reviews from past customers so they would have even the tiniest bit of idea if you are what they are looking for.

What if your e-Commerce store is completely new? What if you have not had any sales yet? This means that you would have no proof whatsoever to help you establish that your business is great, your product is amazing and that your service is out of this world. Do not worry, this is something the almost every new entrepreneur has to experience. Still, you need to do something to earn your e-Commerce customer’s trust so they will choose to purchase your products.

Lucky for you, this is an e-Commerce guide that will help you build business trust this 2019. By the end of this article, you should be able to apply what you have learned to win a customer over and start growing your e-Commerce business. Here are the things that you need to do:

Show your customers the human side of your business

It is natural for customers to be distrustful of brands at first, after all, their ultimate goal is to make money and generate more sales, but do you know who would a consumer be more open to? People. Consumers would trust people more than it would trust a faceless brand. This is why you should show the human side of your brand to gain the trust of your e-Commerce customers. If they can see that you are not just a faceless brand, that there is a person behind the business, it will add authenticity and credibility to your brand.

This is especially true if you are selling products that you make yourself. How can you do this? You can start by focusing on you as a business owner on your “About” section on your website. You can tell your story and how you started the brand instead of just hard selling your products. This way, your customers can connect with you. By making your customer feel that they know you, you are giving them a foundation to trust you and your business. Also, by doing this, you are showcasing your expertise on your product which gives you the chance to build trust for your business.

Create content that builds relationships

Content is a powerful tool for e-Commerce in 2019. Content will help you connect with new customers who have not the slightest idea of who you are and what products you are offering. You have to slowly introduce yourself without hard selling your brand.

Remember that the first impression is the last impression, you do not want to appear to be pushy. You should show your target audience that you are invested in your business by blogging regularly. This will help gain the trust of your e-Commerce customer since they can see through your active updates that you are devoted to your industry, and your customer’s problems.

You can help your consumers get more familiar with your brand through your content, especially if you have developed a certain distinct brand voice when sharing your stories. This will help add personality to your brand. This works hand in hand in humanizing your brand to help you build business trust with your target consumers.

When creating your content, try encouraging discussions that let you connect with your audience. When users start leaving quick comments on your posts, use this as an opportunity to speak with them. Establishing a personal relationship with your target consumers and inviting them to engage in a conversation helps in making them trust you.

There are limited ways of showing that you are an expert in what you do through a computer screen, especially if you are just starting out and no one has purchased your product yet. Content marketing is an exceptional way to showcase your skills and to let people know that you know what you are doing and you are knowledgeable about the things that you are talking about. Your content should be consistently high-value and high-quality to be able to stand out as an e-Commerce store this 2019.

Let your customers know that you are prioritising their security

Aside from demonstrating your trustworthiness as a business, you would want to make sure that your website looks trustworthy too. Cybersecurity has been a huge issue considering that hackers can even expose even major chains like Target. So it only makes sense that consumers are very cautious about giving anyone their credit card information.

One way to build business trust and repel this idea is to use security-boosting apps that not only add another layer of protection but also inform customers by displaying security badges in your store. You can also try offering more than just one payment option to your consumers.

This way, your customer will not feel being pressured into using their credit cards. They will feel more comfortable buying from you. To give an example, you can offer your consumers the use of PayPal as a payment option. Paypal acts as a secure financial gateway that many customers prefer to use, feeling it adds another layer of protection.

Although there is also a study that states that 69% of surveyed customers believed that PayPal was better at protecting their financial information. If you’re able to offer payment options that users trust more, they’ll trust you more too.

Make your excellent return policy one of the highlights of your services

If you are buying a brand that you are not familiar with, what would encourage you to at least still try? That would be a great return policy. A good customer service can help in gaining the trust of your e-Commerce customers, and what better way to show them that you care about their satisfaction other than an amazing return policy?

Show your target audience that their satisfaction matters and that you are greatly confident about your product to the point that you are letting them just simply send the product back if they don’t like it. You are sure to build business trust because your confidence will show them that you believe in the quality of your product, and they should too.

If you offer your customers free returns with no questions asked within 30 days, people will be a lot more willing to try and purchase a product from you.

Be there to answer your customers’ questions

If you are just starting out with e-Commerce, then your target customers may not have heard of you yet. That’s okay! Everyone has to start somewhere. Some consumers may try to reach out to you to clarify details that they are not sure about. They may contact you through your site’s contact form, email, and social media profiles.

They may want to learn about your return policies, shipping dates, or other product information. You have to show your customers that you are interested in their attention and that their inquiries are important to you as well.

So you have to answer them as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Your e-Commerce customers will surely trust a brand that responds within one minute with a full answer to their question, rather than a brand that takes a day or two to get back to them with a five-word answer. Live chat is a good medium in this matter. It is actually becoming a staple of customer service excellence. It’s also a preferred method of communication for many customers.

Provide a complete and detailed product information

To build business trust, there should be transparency regarding the product or service that you are offering. Customers are more likely to purchase a product if they know what exactly are they getting. Being specific helps, so instead of saying “cheese,” it sounds much better to say “smoked gouda cheese.” Here are some things to consider adding to your product descriptions:

  • Exact measurements of the item
  • Exact weight of the item
  • Product ingredients/manufacturing materials
  • Warranty information
  • Individual product features (“convertible bag”) and their subsequent benefits (“you can use this bag as a backpack or as a shoulder bag”)

People are visual-centric, so adding as many images and videos as you possible shows product quality and how it can be used. This helps people visualise the item in their own lives, and the clearer they can see it, the more likely they are to believe you can deliver what you say you can.

Giving your customers freebies or giveaways

e-Commerce in 2019 is only hard when you are starting out, getting your first customer will get the ball rolling. One sure way to get your products into your customers’ hands is to give them away. Samples and/or giveaways can generate interest in your business. You inspire your e-Commerce customers to trust you by offering the chance to try your product before they buy it. There are different ways to give out your products for free in a way that will get you actual results. These methods include:

  • Giving them to a set number of people and asking for a review in return, this will help you build credibility.
  • Send your products to influencers or bloggers who can get the word out to your target audience for you.
  • Distribute free samples through pop-ups or events to drum up interest, knowing that people who like the product will search you out later online.

Keep in mind that product samples and giveaways are pretty effective when you are trying to start building trust, but that for these efforts and investments to be effective, you have to give your products to the right people to maximize returns.

Fix things that can cause doubt

You have to make a close inspection of your e-Commerce store on all possible outlet, such as your desktop and mobile. Then you would have to check from your homepage to check out. You can ask some friends and family if they think your site looks trustworthy enough.

Find out if they think that they would feel comfortable buying products from the looks of your site. Ask if your homepage clear enough about your business? Find out if your shipping times not transparent enough?

These are important details that you should know when you are trying to build business trust. You may know that you’re honest and trustworthy, but that doesn’t mean that customers do. Check for broken links, make sure that you fix the so your side would not look sloppy. Make sure not to use poor quality graphics, because your site will look unprofessional and cheap.

These might seem small but they can affect whether a customer trusts you in just a split second, so don’t ignore these details. Keep in mind that trust comes before sales. Trust is necessary for a purchase, especially when shoppers of today have many options available at the click of a mouse.

Every business owner has to start from zero with no sales and no social proof to help them out. Hopefully with the tips in this e-Commerce guide, you will hopefully be in a better position to win your first few customers, and eventually, win the hearts of many.

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