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Correlation of Content Creation and SEO Service Sydney

Do you know what they say about a couple? They say that sometimes, couples spend so much time together that they start to look alike. You can consider SEO Service Sydney as the husband and content creation as the wife or vice versa. They are always together to the point that people recognise them interchangeably. Sure, if you are a digital marketer, you know their differences and the areas where they overlap.

However, people outside the industry may not be able to tell them apart. Until recently, there was a quick and easy way to rank high on the search results of search engines. The formula to success was pretty simple. All you need to do is take care of the link structures, pack your content with keywords, and experiment with your metadata. You can choose to build up more links to your website after all these prerequisites then watch your traffic grow.

Content for Machines or Humans?

Back in the day, digital marketers and content creators tend to make content that would appeal to machines rather than humans. This is due to the criteria that have been set before. As mentioned previously, the formula was pretty simple. The simplicity of the solution leads marketers to sometime overdo some of the steps. For example, there were content back then that had so many keywords and target phrases that the sentences did not make too much sense anymore.

This kind of pages frustrates users especially when this kind of website sits on the first pages of the search results. People use search engines to find quick answers and solutions to their questions. Finding irrelevant pages on the first page is a hassle in this fast-paced world. As our technology advances, the more impatient people get. This is because, with all our progress in our gadgets and tools, almost anything can be achieved in a snap of your finger.

If your page requires people to exert more effort than just clicking and reading, then they would be gone in 3 seconds. However, times have changed significantly due to the latest updates that Google has made on its algorithm. People outside the marketing and advertising industry may just see Google as a tool. Something that helps them gather information and answer some questions that they may have, however, Google is also a business. This search engine giant gets its profits from their users and the marketers who are interested in reaching these users. This is why users are valuable to Google. The more users that use their services, the more businesses and brands would pay for ads on their platforms.

Google’s Changing Algorithm

Google has acknowledged the fact that the old process of ranking can bring dissatisfaction to its users. Mostly due to the irrelevant pages which are insanely packed by keywords. This search engine giant released an update to its algorithm that changed the lives of users and marketers alike. Google made sure that users would have the best experience when sailing through a sea of websites. Google’s updates starting with the Hummingbird algorithm update ensures that users will get the best fishes in the water.

This is definitely a piece of good news to the users. But how about the SEO Service Sydney professionals and the rest of the world? This change has its pros and cons just like anything else. The pros of this new set up in the search engine are that digital marketers and content creators have more content freedom. They are no longer restricted to keywords and target phrases. They get to be creative with their choice of words for as long as they are producing quality content.

What can be considered as the downside of the update that Google has implemented for the search engines is its vagueness? Digital marketers had a solid formula that they just had to follow for every single client. They can get away with low-quality content with just packing it with keywords and building a good link structure. But now, Google does not exactly have a clear set of criteria that marketers can follow to ensure a high ranking position on the search results. Their only choice is to actually produce high-quality content that would require thorough research.

There is no longer a shortcut to the top. In the marketing world, content has always been an important element. It is actually one of the stars of the show. Back in the day, it helps in carrying the important keywords that marketers need for the search engine algorithm to be able to find and index them. And now, if you do not produce good content, then you would not rank well. So how do Search Engine Optimisation and content relate to each other?

You need to have high-quality content to rank. But people need to find your page before search engines can consider your content relevant to its users. No matter how amazing your content is if people cannot find you, Google will not find your page valuable to its users.

How does Search Engine Optimisation and Content differ from each other?

The optimisation of a page is different from the process of creating content. The simplest explanation of the difference between the two is that the optimisation is the technical process. Meanwhile, content marketing is broad and it requires creativity and a certain level of artistry. There may seem like a large difference between the two, but their differences complete each other. Together, they can work effectively and efficiently in boosting the traffic of your website.

How Do These Two Overlap?

As previously discussed, Search Engine Optimisation and content marketing are different processes. However, they do have the common purpose of creating a good experience for the users. If used properly, these overlapping elements can be used to bring more traffic to your website.

For your brand to have more online presence, you need both a Search Engine Online strategy and high-quality content. The optimisation of your website for search engine aims to help you rank high on search indexes. However, you cannot rank high if you do not have any high-quality content. Whenever you create new pages, you are also creating opportunities for your website. This allows for more reach and to be able to achieve a new ranking.

The new content allows you to rank for more keywords. The more keywords you can rank for, the more chances for you to land a place on the first page of the search results. But this does not mean that you should value quantity more than quality. Even if you produce a lot of content per day, if they are not valuable or relevant to the users then Google will not see you worthy for the top pages of the search results.

The thing is even if you have good content, it still needs to be optimised for people to find you. Using keywords in your content, although not as heavily implemented as before, allows you to have more reach for more diverse audiences. It is important to make the usage of your keyword as natural as possible. So that you may not end up sounding like you are writing for the machines.

When you produce quality content, this gives your readers a sense that you have an authority over the subject. Ranking high on the search engines relies on different factors. One of the factors is, of course, is the quality of the content you write. If people trust the tone of your content, then they would end up spending more time on your page. This also positively affects your ranking.

Why Does This All Matter in SEO Service Sydney?

Even the best SEO company Sydney would need these two important elements to be able to successfully bring traffic to your website. Bringing traffic to your website may also boost the sales of your business.

This may sound like a simple plan, but this also involves a complex plan. Simply focusing on blogs just for the sake of producing content at the expense of your SEO time, your website may experience some drop in its rankings. If you decide on focusing on link building daily, then you would end up with less content.

These two elements come hand in hand, SEO needs content if you want to grow. Google needs to see some activities on your website since it is not very fond of stagnant pages. Google needs to know that you are making an effort to build up strong, useful and relevant content. Only then will it deliver the best results for every search.

Although it is possible to use SEO on the pages over and over, it is a lot more effective when you are producing new content. New content has more power in pushing your search engine rankings. The key in all this is effectively using SEO and the content together. But keep in mind that there are other aspects of online marketing that you can also focus on.

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