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SEO Content Writing Tips

Being a writer is one thing and being an SEO Service provider in Sydney is another thing. Australia is a booming country for businesses and innovations, a business can get drowned out by its competition if it fails to establish a strong online presence. Search Engine Optimisation is often associated with articles and keywords, but the work is definitely a whole lot different from writing a normal essay. Of course, you would be needing the skills, patience and knowledge of a writer, but apart from that, you would be needing to exert a bit more effort to please both the search engine and your target audience. Back in the day, it is true that the optimisation of a page is dependent on the keywords.

This is why even the best SEO companies in Sydney used to cram in as many keywords into the content of the websites that they are working on. Optimisation was pretty simple back then. Content creators only had to follow a certain formula to rank high in the search results. There was a specific content to keyword ratio that they need to adhere to. This setup is quite simple for digital marketers, they have a solid plan and a strategy that could work over and over again.

All they need to do is apply minor tweaks depending on their clients and the industry. However, this is not really working out for the search engine users. Why is that? Since the focus of the businesses back then was to rank high in the search results, content creators are more concerned with how Google or the search engine will read the information that they are putting on the page rather than how another human being is going to interpret it. Well, those days are gone.

Google has made a change which shifts the focus of Search Engine Optimisation to the users. Content writing for websites is no longer all about one simple formula. You know what they say, if you do not adapt to change, you will become obsolete. It is pretty harsh, but you will find this to be true. One good example is Nokia and Motorola. Nokia was the leading company for mobile phones, but it did not follow the trends soon enough. It was quiet for a certain amount of time while Samsung and Apple make their marks, recently, it is trying to make a comeback, but of course, with the massive online presence that the other mobile phone giants have made, Nokia would be having a hard time regaining its stature in the past. Motorola was pretty iconic back then.

They had sleek flip phones that people raved about, but just like Nokia, they did not adapt to the trends that Apple and Samsung have set right away. Change is the only permanent thing in the world, and it is important that your business follows where the trend goes. Right now, Search Engine Optimisation no longer has a formula or a clear guideline on how to rank high on the search results. But there are some rules or tips that you can follow to ensure that search engines and your customers are satisfied.  

How to be an effective SEO Content Writer

 Look at things from a different perspective

When you are trying to market your business, it can get pretty exciting because you know what your brand is capable of. You know that your products are life-changing, you know that your services are out of this world. However, you are not going to get customers by telling them how amazing your brand is. You may be wondering how this method would not work. Let us review. Imagine that you are a girl on your first date with a guy. Imagine that your date is handsome, financially stable and he has everything you could ever wish for. But here is the catch, throughout the date, he cannot stop talking about himself. He might have done everything right the whole time like paying for dinner, giving you his jacket when you are cold and making sure that you are home safe, but would you really be interested having a second date when he did not even try to get to know you because he is telling you how amazing he is and that you two are meant to be together. Do not let your brand be that guy.

When you are advertising your product, it is good that you are letting your audience know what you are capable of, but remember that all your special features and amazing services would mean nothing to them if they do not understand how it would help them or relate to them. You need to put yourself in the shoes of your target market. For example, you are selling self-heating gloves for the winter. Sure, it is nice for you to let your target market know that it is made with real unicorn hair, dyed with mermaid tears and the warmth is from the magic from angel wing feathers plus it is cruelty-free.

Those are all amazing facts about the product, but unless you can show your target market why they would be needing your magical gloves, then your content would not be that appealing to them. You should highlight the fact that winter is on its way to turn them into human popsicles, that times have changed and the winter breeze is much colder than it was before. You should point out that normal gloves alone might not suffice in keeping their hands warm. Then you casually let them know what your product can do for them. It is not about what you can do for your customers, it is about letting them know how you are relevant to their needs.  

Use keywords as guides instead of the main focus.

As mentioned previously, SEO in Sydney or anywhere else in the world is no longer about cramming in keywords to rank high. You cannot just put a keyword in a sentence just because you need to reach a certain percentage of usage. If you are still clinging on to the past, then you will have a hard time thriving in the future.

There was a time when the focus of Search Engine Optimisation is all about the keywords, but Google has already changed the rules of the game. Content is king, so it should sound like one. A good king cares about how the kingdom fares and how its loyal subjects are doing.

The same way that a good king rules, your content should care about what image it is representing for your brand and it should care how your potential clients would understand all the information that it is trying to convey. Keywords may have been the key to achieving a high rank in the search results in the past, but this is not the case anymore. Content creators no longer have to add in a keyword or target phrase word-for-word. They no longer have to force-use them. This makes the content more bearable to read for users and easier to write for content writers in the sense that they have more freedom with how they word the information.

This does not mean that keywords no longer have any value nowadays, this only means that they have changed roles from the main character of the story into the guide that leads the hero to victory. Since the main character is the content, you need to focus more on the topic that you are writing about. Search engines know when you are just using a keyword for the sake of using it, so you better shape up and actually improve the quality of your content. You are not going to get punished for trying to make keyword-cramming happen, but know that it is not going to do you any good.  

Keep your audience asking for more.

Have you experienced talking to someone who is so engaging that you would listen to them talk even if it is about something so mundane like a hard-boiled egg? At some point in your life, you have also encountered someone with all the greatest facts in the world but all you can say is “Okay, great”. It is a fast-paced world and normally, users would like to get their answers as quickly as possible. Anything that would require any extra effort from them could drive them away.

However, there is a conflict of interest here. The duration in which your visitors stay on your page affects how your page ranks in the search results, but you do not want to frustrate them by making them read from top to bottom for the answers they need. Plus, you worked hard on the content, why would you want them to just skim through your hard work? This is all about the delivery of the content. Do not force the users to stay on your page, make them want to stay.

It is important to use lists, subheadings and bullet points to ensure that they can get the information that they need right away. But make your content so engaging that they will stay even after getting what they need from your page. How do you do this? Aside from having high-quality content, you can also use lead-in sentences that tells them that they should not go yet because there’s more. The classic phrase is “But wait! There’s more!”, but you can use other variations like “That’s not the best part yet!” or “Here’s the deal”.

There are a lot more tips that you can follow to boost your SEO writing skills, but these three factors are the foundation of a solid content made for both search engines and your target market.

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