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7 Reasons Why Businesses Fear SEO Services in Sydney

“It is not the job of Search Engine Optimisation to make a pig fly. It is the job of the SEO to genetically re-engineer the website so that it becomes an eagle.” — Bruce Clay   SEO has gained worldwide popularity over the past few years and if you have been in the business industry for quite some time, you may have already heard about it. Although it seems only yesterday when people were just trying to figure out how to put their businesses online and build a website for everyone to see what they have to offer. As years go by, technology continues to advance, Google’s advent has been unstoppable, leading to a great inflation of web and mobile usage.   With this rapid growth, more and more people rely on the internet to shop online, do transactions, acquire goods and services, etc. As such, SEO and other marketing strategies were brought to life to help businesses gain visibility online, attract more potential customers and increase revenue. SEO is one of those marketing strategies and it is a proven-effective approach that promotes success. However, people don’t welcome this approach wholeheartedly – more of, businesses fear the SEO initiative despite the knowledge of its need. They know that they need SEO, but, the intimidation of using it as a business solution is overwhelming.   This situation has been a mind-boggling thought that other people can’t help but wonder – why? Let’s discuss the main and common truths that businesses fear about SEO in Sydney.  


A Brief Overview Of SEO


  First off, it’s important that we briefly discuss SEO before we proceed to the reasons why businesses fear it. SEO is no longer a strange term in the business industry. In fact, it is becoming a common word since most businesses are aware of the basics and fundamentals of SEO but they don’t have an in-depth knowledge of how it works.   Basically, SEO is a marketing approach that uses techniques to improve the SERP (search engine results page) rankings of a website and generate more traffic towards it, making the website more visible and accessible to customers via search engines. There has been a common misconception that SEO is dead – no, it’s not. It simply transformed. As Google’s algorithm updates are implemented, the web pages and website’s content such as videos and articles are now being ranked according to its relevance to users.   SEO strategies are not only limited to creating backlinks. It also involves high-quality content with targeted keyword phrases which is considered as “King”), long-tailed keywords, building high-quality links, creating the user experience, etc. In some cases, some people think that their efforts aren’t sufficient to guarantee their site’s maximum potential – it’s not optimised enough. It is then when businesses realise that they need SEO to achieve their goal, but, they are afraid to take such risks.  


Why Do Businesses Fear SEO?


  Despite the realisation that they need SEO, business is still too hesitant to dive into this initiative. There are a lot of factors that affect their decision and introducing this marketing approach to bosses and CEOs is not easy as well. Let’s take a look at the truths about SEO that dreads businesses.  


It Is Anything But a Magic Formula


  Most businesses nowadays are looking for faster ways to generate success and profit online – a magic formula. SEO is anything but that. In as much as it can help increase revenue, it would time before results can be generated. Unlike any other strategies, SEO doesn’t have any shortcuts – it is structured for a long-term business profitability with measurable results. It’s not something that provides an immediate outcome which makes businesses hesitant to dive into it. There are some business who invest time, money and effort in this campaign but the lack of results cause them to take a step back and discontinue the use of SEO.   Since the results take too long to arrive, most businesses consider SEO as an insignificant marketing approach, hence, it is not considered as a priority. Some businesses fail to see that when the strategies are done right, profit is guaranteed in the long run, although it may take time. Efforts, time, legwork and a lot of patience is required to implement SEO strategies.  


SEO Is Time Consuming


  In connection with the previous aspect, we’ve mentioned, SEO being time-consuming dreads businesses, especially start-ups. As they are not yet familiar with how SEO really works, some people have the idea that this approach is expensive and requires a lot of time to implement. They fail to see the bigger picture and just look at the various factors involved when optimising their websites.   Considering the number of factors required, it will indeed take time to accomplish but there’s no need to rush – it can be done little by little. Aside from that, if the tasks are too much to handle, there are reliable digital marketing agencies that offer SEO services in Sydney who can help businesses. Or, you can help yourself learn about it, starting from the fundamentals, slowly making your way to the advanced strategies.


Website Optimisation Is Too Technical


  Given SEO’s numerous strategies and factors, business owners or CEOs automatically thinks that it is too technical for them. It is something that should be left to the IT personnel, programming nerds or web developers, they say. Although this is not utterly true. Yes, SEO involves working around Google’s algorithm updates but it doesn’t mean that it can’t be learned by those people who don’t have technical skills.   SEO includes a number of elements and the basic ones don’t require any technical skills in order to accomplish. If you are new to SEO, you can start with a few, simple, fundamental SEO elements and tactics and slowly get yourself familiar with the terms. Ultimately, you will learn the advanced strategies. On the other hand, businesses are also appeased by the thought of “SEO jargons” that will be introduced to them. Thus, digital marketing agencies should walk their clients through the process by using the language business owners and CEOs understand.  


Google’s SEO Punishments and Penalties


  Google’s algorithm updates are designed to discipline those who are working to trick its structure. Truth is, Google penalises those who are violating its algorithm just to improve rankings drastically like manual spam actions. Blackhat SEO strategies are being despised by Google and therefore should not be implemented at all cost. Although there are some digital marketing strategies that utilise such tactics to provide businesses with immediate results only to put them at risk.   Duplicate or thin content, user-generated spams, unnatural links and cloaking and/or sneaky redirects are the major violations on Google that are greatly penalised. As businesses are careful of their presence online, they prefer to trust agencies with high reputation in terms of SEO to ensure that best practices will be used. Businesses certainly don’t want to be taken out by this famed search engine that’s why they are very cautious.  


Not Getting Enough Customers


  One of the major reasons why businesses invest in digital marketing campaigns is to gain more attention from potential customers in order to increase revenue. SEO can do that but what concerns businesses is that it is not getting enough customers, only site traffic. That’s not true, though. In order to get paying customers, businesses need to invest time, legwork and effort in relevant keywords.   When starting an SEO campaign, keyword research and targeting are the most important elements to work on. It is important to learn about keyword analytics in order to identify which words your website is already ranking for and which ones searchers are using to find your website. Relevance, volume and level of competition should be considered when analysing keyword searches. Recognise the patterns and based on your keyword analysis, you can come up with keywords that target the audience, converting traffic to revenue.  


SEO Has Complex Rules and Regulations


  Business owners and CEOs avoid any complexities as much as possible. Considering Google’s more than 200 site ranking factors, businesses don’t want to deal with all of it. This is one of the contributing factors why they fear the SEO initiative. Just seeing the number of factors and the thought of tackling all of them are enough to scare away businesses owners and CEOs. What they are missing out is that these site ranking factors don’t need to be done all at once.   Starting with one or a few factors is a good idea and continue to implement more elements over time is an ideal move for businesses. If you have a bigger budget like larger companies do, then you can implement all of them at the same time. You can leave the complexities and technicalities to the best SEO company in Sydney, and work on the basic ones.  


The Scheme of Getting Attention


  A few years ago, SEO received negative attention due to the various questionable strategies implemented to earn and buy traffic. Businesses want to build their brand and identity in a less gimmicky way, gaining positive response and they think that SEO would not deliver that. However, SEO’s reputation has come a long way from being a cheap, tricky scheme to cheat the search engines’ algorithm – it has transformed.   The technical aspects of SEO have changed and now it is designed with formulaic processes to ensure that it delivers relevant results and user experience. When done appropriately, SEO can help businesses build a good reputation and create a venue for success online.  


Key Takeaway


  Indeed, SEO is a time-consuming digital marketing approach that requires a lot of effort and legwork in order to generate results. Being new to SEO or if you are just starting to learn about it to help promote your business, these fears are inevitable. Although you have to overcome these fears and take risks in order for your business to grow and thrive online. SEO is an effective approach that can help businesses achieve web traffic, online visibility which can convert potential leads to buying customers. You just have to do it right. Start learning the fundamentals of SEO today and implement your own strategies. Might as well work closely with a reliable agency. Deep inside you know you need SEO. Why settle for less when you could maximise your website’s potential? Think about it.

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