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3 Common Factors In Every SEO Service in Sydney That You Most Likely Didn’t Know About

Google has been the leading search engine over the years and its millions of users around the world highly trust it to provide the most relevant results for their queries. In order for Google to deliver the most relevant search results, ranks thousands of sites for a specific search query based on a number of criteria. Over the years, Google’s algorithm has continued to transform and as it goes better, SEO strategies are required to adhere to the updates. Today, there are 200 ranking factors that impact a site’s visibility and these factors are crucial in every SEO campaign that aims to increase ranking.   On the other hand, you don’t have to instantly carry out these 200 ranking factors in your marketing tactics. Yes, it is too much to handle – instead, you can work on the three most common yet important factors in every SEO service in Sydney as a start. Among the 200, here are the top three ranking factors that you need to work on in order to improve your search visibility.    

Links Determine A Website’s Relevance

  Over the years, a lot of things have changed on how Google runs things on the internet. There’s one thing that hasn’t changed, though. Links are still one of the dominant key elements that determine a website’s relevance and authority. The logic here is simple: the more high-quality external online sources you link in your site, more links you have coming to your website and the more authoritative those links are – the more relevant your website will be in Google’s eyes. Put simply, the more relevant and authoritative your backlinks are – the better.   Furthermore, before you use a link from your friend’s blog page, carefully contemplate its relevance on your niche. Irrelevant links are considered as a wasted effort and it has no implication on Google’s site ranking. Always look for authoritative links like those of a large company’s page in your niche.    

Content Is An Effective SEO Tactic

If there’s one thing about SEO that everyone needs to know is that content is king. Meaning, without quality content, your marketing tactics will not succeed. As Google continues to raise its standards for content, you should also work on how you could improve the quality of your content. Bear in mind that Google is a machine and in order for a machine to work accordingly and understand your site, it needs data.   The number of content that you write a day does not affect its relevance. To ensure that your content will be indexed by Google and considered on-topic, you need to verify that all the details are correct, it contains your target keywords within the context of the site, and it should answer the most common customer search queries. How-to-guides are one of the many contents you could do to empower your SEO in Sydney.    

RankBrain Helps Determine User-specific Search Results

  First off, let’s discuss RankBrain. RankBrain is Google’s algorithm learning artificial intelligence system specifically designed to process search results and provide more relevant search results for each user. It analyses thousands of data and information in order to give users the answers to their specific queries like location, proximity, a local language, past behaviour, etc.   Google has been developing counter-strategies to prevent scammers to cheat on their algorithm and RankBrain is one of them. It has also become a significant Google ranking element over the years. Now, there’s no need for you to focus on RankBrain and its technicalities. Simple, you just have to focus on building high-quality links and relevant content that answers specific customer queries as well as provide answers, then RankBrain will sort out the rest itself.   RankBrain is an algorithm that you can’t cheat or influence. It functions more like an insurance policy and customisation tool that delivers the most relevant results for particular queries.    


  Initiating an SEO campaign can help businesses achieve their goals of building a platform of success online through increased web visibility, higher Google rankings and increased conversion. Although SEO is not an easy task and requires time to deliver results given the number of factors that need to be considered. Nevertheless, working on these three most common yet important factors can be a good place to start. If you need help with the complexities and technicalities of SEO, the best SEO company in Sydney can be of great help. This marketing tactic doesn’t need to be grand at first – you can start small and ultimately, you’ll see results.

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